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The Po Delta

The Mouth Po Park (Parco Regionale del Delta del Po) is a unique landscape and ecological oasis, that covers a total area of over 52,000 hectares of land considered among the most productive and rich in biodiversity.
Despite being placed in one of the most man-made and economically developed region of the Country, the Park preserves the largest Italian wetland area.

The Po Delta has long been an economic and cultural crossroad between East and West and the park itself keeps intact part of this history inheritance too. You will see a perfect balance between nature and superb examples of art and culture, wich have gained in several cases the official recognition by UNESCO.

The Mouth Po Park is a protected area of great complexity, being both a terrestrial park and a river and coastal preserved area. There is no doubt that the natural element that chracterizes it the unstable relationship between water and land. Their increasingly precarious balance results in a continuously changing landscape between forests, pine forests and flooded forests alternated with freshwater or salt wetlands. Biodiversity in the Delta area is extraordinarily rich, only in birds species you could count over 280 different species.

Abano Terme

The eye follows the smooth hills to get lost in the sea, a panorama always different from the "terrace of Romagna". A perfectly preserved medieval village, rich in history and tied to a generous land, from which comes the culture of wine and of good cooking. Bertinoro is also capital of hospitality, where the quality of life marks every single holiday, with a longlasting tradition of welcoming. In the central square, the Clock Tower, with bells dating back to 1526: much higher in the past, served as a beacon for sailors and travelers. In the background a symbol of the tradition of hospitality, the "Column of Anellas", built during the XIII century to stop disputes between local families, competing to host passing by strangers. Tying the horse to one of the links in the column decided by fate wich family would host the foreiners, to enjoy the tradition of Bertinoro's hospitality.

The millennial city fortess in 1177 hosted Federico Barbarossa, in the late middle ages the most prominent persons from Malatesta, Sforza and Borgia, becoming, by 1584, the headquarter of the Pope's Curch State in the area. Recently restored, there you will find the three monotheistic religions Museum and the Center for Residential Education, home-office of the University of Bologna.

Spas of Cervia

The sea, the pine forest, the salty lakes, are all elements that contribute to make the Spas of Cervia an oasis for treatment, relaxation and leisure. The charming town of Cervia with its jewel Milano Marittima, the living room of the Adriatic Riviera of Romagna, are a perfect environment that successfully combines holidays and health.
The thermal baths in the green of a natural park, offer large rooms, modern and functional.

The salsobromojodic water and mud extracted from "saline" are famous for their different therapeutic relevance in osteoarticular disfuncions and otorhinolaryngology.

The considerable progress made in medicine cures underlines the unique characteristics of these highly mineralized water. Cervia Saps represent a useful and non replaceable resource not only in the prevention and rehabilitation, but also for a natural break down to complement pharmacological treatments.

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